KEC Covid-19 Emergency Loan Program

   To help address the financial implications of the Covid-19 pandemic on our community, KEC has launched an Emergency Loan Program through Hebrew Free Loan.


   All members of the Etz Chayim kehilla who otherwise are eligible for emergency loans from Hebrew Free Loan are eligible.  Members include all persons who maintain a regular affiliation with the shul even if they have not yet paid voluntary membership dues.  If you have any questions regarding your qualification, please contact the Rabbi.

   Loan proceeds must be used to address the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic, including, for example, emergency child-care costs, medical expenses, income replacement.

   KEC guarantors will guarantees loans of up to $5,000 per eligible family.  While he KEC program is capped at $5,000, loans of greater amounts may be available from HFL with additional guarantors.

   The KEC loan program may be capped at an aggregate guaranty amount yet to be determined.  

   To apply for a loan, please go to and indicate that you are a KEC member and wish to participate in the KEC loan program.  If you are unable to apply on line or have any questions, please contact Rabbi Lopatin.