As of November 19, 2020

For the time being and weather permitting, our general practice will be to hold davening in person on Shabbat morning at 10:00 a.m. and on Friday night and Saturday afternoon at times announced each

Thursday by email.  If it is raining during the thirty minutes preceding the scheduled outdoor davening, we will not daven together.  We also will review the forecast before each Shabbat and announce any changes necessitated by particularly harsh weather.


Davening will take place outside at a private residence in Huntington Woods.  Please contact the shul for address and details.  Please enter the backyard for davening from the top of the east side of the driveway near the basketball net. 

Please be mindful of the hazards that are unavoidable in meeting outside, including extreme cold, wind, snow and ice.  In particular, please be cautious of ice and snow on the driveway, paths, terrace and lot.  Wear weather appropriate clothing and shoes and walk with caution.

In compliance with State of Michigan health directives, until further notice (1) all davening will be limited to 25 people, and (2) our social distancing and mask wearing rules must be strictly observed.  (See "Pandemic Rules").  To ensure that we do not exceed 25 people on Shabbat mornings, to attend you must sign up each member of your family who wishes to attend; the sign up link will be sent each Wednesday or Thursday, but please contact the shul if you have any questions.  If you do sign up, please make every effort to attend unless you become ill or are required to quarantine.  Sign up will not be required for Friday night or Saturday afternoon, but we will ask for volunteers to depart if necessary to remain within the size rules.