March 2020

For the duration of the Covid 19 pandemic response, KEC will not be holding communal services and ask our members to conduct themselves in accordance with the advised social-distancing practices.


Friday, March 20:

Candles: 7:28 PM

Saturday, March 21:

Shabbat ends: 8:28 PM

Friday, March 27:

Candles: before 7:36 PM


Saturday, March 28:

Shabbat ends: 8:36 PM


Friday April 3 

Candles: before 7:44 PM

Saturday, April 4, Shabbat HaGadol

Shabbat ends: 8:44 PM

Tuesday April 7: 

Search for Chametz after 8:40 PM 

Wednesday, April 8, Erev Pesach:

Last time to eat Chametz: 11:23 AM

Last time to burn (and nullify) Chametz: 12:28 PM

Light candles with Shehechiyanu and Eruv Tavshilin before: 7:48 PM

Start your seder (kiddush at seder): after 8:48 PM

Real midnight: 1:33 AM

Thursday, April 9: First Day of Pesach

Light candles (with Shehechiyanu) and start your second seder: after 8:50 PM

Friday, April 10: Second day of Pesach

Shabbat Candles: before 7:51 PM

Saturday, April 11:

Shabbat ends: 8:51 PM

Tuesday April 14:

Light Yom Tov candles (no shehechiyanu): before 7:56 PM

Mincha: 7:30 PM

Wednesday, April 15, 7th day of Pesach 

Shacharit 9:30 AM

Mincha: 8:00 PM

Light candles after: 8:56 PM (but you can say kiddush before that)

Thursday, April 16, 8th day of Pesach

Shacharit and Yizkor: 9:30 AM

Mincha: 8:00 PM

Yom Tov ends: 8:56 PM

Friday April 17:

Candles: before 7:59 PM

Mincha: 7:30 PM

Saturday, April 18:

Shacharit: 9:30 AM

Mincha: 8:00 PM

Shabbat ends: 8:59 PM

Friday April 25:

Candles: before 8:07 PM

Mincha: 7:30 PM

Saturday April 26:

Shacharit: 9:30 AM

Mincha: 8:10 PM

Shabbat ends at 9:07 PM





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