The High Holidays 5782  


High Holiday Tickets


General Members and Sustaining Members are invited to attend High Holiday davening without purchasing tickets.  Please see "Membership" for more information or to become a member.


Associate members and non-members may purchase holiday tickets, subject to space limitations, for $250 per family (including children under twenty-one) or $118 for young-adult families (under thirty years old).


To ensure availability, members and non-members must register in advance by emailing (indicate the number of seats you will need on each side of the mechitza) and making payment through our Support page.


High Holiday Sponsorships


Members who wish to further support KEC may do so by sponsoring the High Holidays.  Please include sponsorship payment and select your desired sponsorship with your High Holiday registration by emailing Sponsorship opportunities (for dues paying members) include:


$250  and sponsorships

RH babysitter

YK babysitter

$500 sponsorships

RH security

YK security

$1,000 sponsorships

RH1 shacharit (by Tamara and Raphael Cohen IMO Ruda Berkowitz)

RH2 shacharit (by Barbara and Milton Stern)

RH 1 mussaf (by Tammy and Benjamin Movsas)

RH 2 mussaf (by Jennifer Lewis/Mark Bernstein IMO Bernard Lewis and Alfred Bernstein)

$2,500 sponsorships

YK mincha


Simchat Torah (by Nancy Berman Kleinfeldt IHO Saba Ronald Berman's 80th)

$3,600 sponsorships

RH and YK Divrei Torah (by Rachel and Josh Opperer IHO Bubbie Claire Grosberg's 100th)

YK shacharit (by Julie and Eugene Sherizen)

Kol nidre (by Michelle and Bill Sider IHO Rabbi and Rachel Lopatin and the KEC volunteers)

YK mussaf (by Gretchen and Ethan Davidson IMO Dorothy and Byron Gerson)

Neila (by Ora and Michael Singer IMO Michael's grandparents Yosef Shaul ben Avraham       and Batya bat Beryl and Sarah, Moshe ben Benjamin and Rifka bat Chaim and Zipporah

In addition to the foregoing sponsorships, Rabbi Asher and Rachel Lopatin generously have dedicated Yom Kippur davening in commemoration of the yahrzeit for Rabbi Lopatin’s mother, Rachel bat Gershon HaCohen uvat Sarah.


Payment may be made (i) via Paypal through our Support page, or (ii) by check to Kehillat Etz Chayim, 12927 Nadine Avenue, Huntington Woods, MI 48070.


More information


Contact Rabbi Lopatin at or (773) 206-0009 with any questions.