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High Holiday Tickets


KEC members are invited to attend High Holiday davening without purchasing tickets but must register in advance by emailing


Non-members may purchase holiday tickets, subject to space limitations:

  • Families (including children under twenty-one)     $250   

  • Young-adult families (under thirty years old)          $118


To ensure availability, members and non-members must register in advance by emailing

Please indicate in your email how many seats you require on each side of the mechitzah.


High Holiday Sponsorships


Members who wish to further support KEC may do so by means of High Holiday sponsorships.  Please include sponsorship payment and select your desired sponsorship with your High Holiday registration by emailing


Sponsorship opportunities (for dues paying members) include:


Rosh Hashanah Babysitting            $250

Rosh Hashanah Security                 $500

Rabbi’s RH Divrei Torah                  $1,800

Rosh Hashanah Shacharit Day 1    $1,000

Rosh Hashanah Musaf Day 1          $1,500

Rosh Hashanah Shacharit Day 2    $1,000

Rosh Hashanah Musaf Day 2          $1,500

Yom Kippur Babysitter                    $250

Yom Kippur Security                       $500

Rabbi’s Yom Kippur Divrei Torah   $1,800

Kol Nidre                                         $3,600

Yom Kippur Shacharit                     $1,800

Yom Kippur Musaf                          $2,500

Neilah                                              $2,500

Yom Kippur Mincha                        $1,000


Sukkot Sponsor                               $1,800

Simchat Torah Sponsor                   $1,800



Kiddush first day of Sukkot             $1000

Kiddush second day of Sukkot       $1000

Kiddush hol hamoed Shabbat        $1000

Dinner for Simhat Torah                  $1500

Kiddush Shimeni Atzeret                $500

Kiddush for Simhat Torah                $1000

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