Social Distancing Guidelines and Protocols


  • If you are sick or have Covid 19 symptoms, please daven at home

  • If you have been in close contact during the past two weeks with someone who has tested positive is presumed to be positive, please daven at home

  • Space yourself at least eight feet apart at all times

  • Wear a mask covering your nose and mouth at all times

  • Children must remain in their assigned seats or next to an adult

  • Children also must wear a mask at all times

  • Please bring your own chair (check the Eruv before Shabbat); chairs will be provided for Rosh Hashona, Yom Kippur and the first days of Sukkot

  • Bring your own siddur; a machzor will be provided for Rosh Hashona and Yom Kippur

  • No bathrooms will be available, other than for Rosh Hashona and Yom Kippur

  • No socializing; please depart promptly after services

Please also note that davening will take place outside on grass that may be wet.  


Both Shabbat and holiday davening will be abbreviated, including only required tefilla, Torah reading, Haftarah and certain additional selections.  Despite the necessary brevity, we have every intention to make our davening together meaningful.  

©2018 by Kehillat Etz Chayim of Detroit.