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Social Distancing Guidelines and Protocols


  • 1) If you are are at all under weather, have any Covid 19 symptoms, or required to quarantine in accordance with medical guidance or the rules of your employer or school, please do not attend KEC or any other public davening

  • 2) Space yourself at least eight feet apart at all times

  • 3) Wear a mask covering your nose and mouth at all times

  • 4) Ensure that your children observe these practices

  • 5) Bring your own siddur or if using a shul siddur, sterilize your hands before using the siddur and disinfect the siddur before returning it 

  • 6) Bring your own lawn chair if you will wish to sit

  • 7) Note that bathrooms will not be available 

  • 8) Note that davening will take place outside on grass that may be wet.  

elections.  Despite the necessary brevity, we have every intention to make our davening together meaningful.  

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