Kehillat Etz Chayim Social Distancing Guidelines and Protocols

August 5, 2020


Please keep in mind that all davening will take place outside on grass, which may be wet even when it is not raining.  Please wear appropriate clothing and shoes. 



  • If you are under the weather even in the slightest, please daven at home

  • Enter davening area at top of east side of driveway, near basketball court; do NOT enter through west side of driveway

  • Space yourself at least eight feet apart at all times 

  • Wear a mask covering your nose and mouth at all times 

  • Children must wear a mask at all times and remain by an adult’s side 

  • Limited chairs will be provided 

  • If you wish to bring your own chair of your own, call (248) 968-ERUV on Friday afternoon to confirm the eruv's status

  • Please bring your own siddur

  • No bathrooms will be available

  • To maintain social distancing, no socializing; please depart promptly after services

In addition to the Shabbat guidelines, special for the High Holidays:

  • Seats will be provided; sit only in assigned seats

  • Children must stay in the pre-assigned seat; no moving between sides of mechitza

  • Use only supplied portable bathrooms

  • Machzors will be provided to pre-registered guests

  • Location to be provided to registrants and proof of registration to be provided to security for entry

Please remember that safety is paramount, and there is no obligation to daven with a minyan under the present circumstances; indeed, doing so is prohibited to the extent doing so present a risk to your welfare or the welfare of others.